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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

Each student has a regular slot they attend each week for either half an hour or an hour and these are billed rolling monthly in advance. For example, at the end of November students pay for all of December and so on. Invoices are always sent out 10 days before the due date which will be the day before the first lesson of that month, leaving you a 10 day window to make payment, monthly invoice amounts may sometimes vary due to a different number of weeks in the month. You are welcome to book and pay for a one off lesson first before deciding whether you would like to continue. Please note we do not currently offer any lesson slots less frequently than once a week (i.e. bi weekly) for scheduling reasons as well as students’ progression. One off lessons are available upon request if we have the availability.

What happens if I’m away on Holiday(s)?

We totally understand that people will sometimes not be able to make their lessons and that is absolutely fine! We just ask that students or their parents / guardians give 48 hours notice in writing and then the lesson does not need to be paid for. If you have already paid for the lessons then this will be taken off the next months invoice. We do ask though, that students are not away for an average of more than one a month as this means that teachers are left without payment whilst at work, progress will be significantly hindered and other students could be been taught in this time, we will not be able to continue to offer / keep a slot for students who are away for extended periods of time.

What other services do you offer?

We are proud to say that we regularly host performance opportunities for our students at various established music venues across the city. Our most recent showcases have been at The Cluny and Gosforth Civic Theatre (both of which sold out) with students as young as 6 playing! We also try and host as many workshop events as we can, this gives students a great chance to meet one another and also allows us to teach certain concepts which are more effective in a group environment.

What age does a student need to be?

This really depends on the student. Our youngest students are currently 6, although we have often had students older that would struggle more with tuition so it all very much depends on the students. A few things to consider though, are whether the student can concentrate for the minimum lesson time of half an hour (or as close too as possible!), whether they know their right and left and whether they are tall enough to reach the pedals. You are always welcome to book and pay for a one off lesson first before deciding whether you think It is a good idea for a student to continue, many students and parents / guardians like to do this anyway regardless of age! The worst that can happen is that you continue to encourage their love of music and they will be welcomed back when the time is right!

Similarly, we also frequently get asked if they are too old, in our opinion, never! We teach a large number of adult students of all ages.

Do you teach towards graded certificate?

Absolutely! If you wish to take the route into graded exams, we have tonnes of experience with both the Trinity and Rockschool drum syllabuses and have entered many students from grades 1 all the way through to 8 multiple times, all with a 100% pass rate. This does not mean that we are limited to these syllabuses though, if it’s just wanting to learn your favourite songs or help towards some other kind of qualification or audition preparation, we can help.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the lesson?

Just bring yourself! Every room is equipped with at least 2 drum kits (sometimes more!), one for the teacher and one for the student. Most students like to bring their own sticks as these are particular to them (size and weight etc.) but we also have plenty of those to borrow too.

Are there any T & C’s?

Yes, to protect both teachers and students/their guardians. A full copy of the T & C’s including our 48-hour cancellation policy can be viewed here, these are also on every invoice you receive and you will also be asked to sign a copy when beginning lessons with us.

Do I need to own a drum kit to have lessons?

To begin with owning a kit is not essential, most students start without a kit at home, there is still plenty they can be getting on with, although eventually it is highly encouraged to have some kind of facility to practice or you will find progress extremely slow, or even none existent depending on lesson times! If you are unsure whether you live in an environment where a drum kit is not possible, an electric drum kit is an extremely popular option and we can happily assist you in the right direction when the time comes to buying. There are also other accessories such as practice pads that can help you well on your way.

What kind of safeguarding measures do you have in place?

All teachers have an enhanced DBS check that can be viewed on request. We also have CCTV recording at all times in every room of the building to protect both student and teacher. We also have public liability insurance and follow safeguarding advice from both Musicians’ Union and The ISM (Independent Society of Musicians).